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Plants with a Fungal Buddy have a higher nutritional content, medicinal quality, and flowering rate. Simply sprinkle the contents near a plants root zone or mix into soil before planting.  A natural way to promote root and overall plant growth, this Fungus-Plant dynamic is shared by at least 90% of world plants!


Each packet is premeasured and can be used up to a gallon sized pot.

The powder consists of clay which is a carrier for the 5 species of endomycorrhizal fungi that are present. These are non-mushroom forming fungi that provide an array of benefits to the soil and plants.


  • Promotes Plant and Root growth
  • Enhances Nutrient access 
  • Reduces Pathogenic Infection in Roots
  • Reduce Drought and Transplant  Stress 
  • Boost Plant Hydration - Especially in Cacti
  • Reduce Ferilization 


Works well with indoor and outdoor plants, trees, shrubs , vegtables ...


Happy Plants - Root Fungi Powder

  • The packets contain endomycorrhizal inoculum. The 5 species included are :

    • Rhizophagus irregularis
    • Rhizophagus aggregatus
    • Rhizophagus proliferum
    • Rhizophagus clarus
    • Claroideoglomus etunicatum

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